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Become our Partner

About SafariDuka

SafariDuka is a brand new online marketing platform created intentionally for promoting safaris & tour activities visiting Africa’s destinations. Our main focus is to connect travelers with the most reliable and trust-worthy tour operators who are selling safaris to Africa.

Who can Join SafariDuka?

Any company with all the necessary documentations to operate tourism business within the country of operation can join SafariDuka and access our services. We strictly accept companies which sells Africa as their safaris destination, licensed and have a live and accessible website.

How much does it cost?

For the time being all SafariDuka’s services including quote request are free of charge, though in the future we expect to charge a small amount of money to help us run the website and other operational cost. However! When that time arrives we will notify all tour operators by email, and the operator will be able to choose between the free and the payment option. For the free option, your tours & activities will not be visible but your company’s profile and customer’s reviews will always be visible on our website.

Why Join SafariDuka?

Join SafariDuka to promote your tour & activities and reach millions of your potential customers all over the world, who will be searching exactly what you offer. SafariDuka will be responsible to do all the marketing and advertisements for you. We will be using the most powerful social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest including our in-house Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Facebook and google adds (ppc). Quote requests will be send direct to your inbox through the email address which you provide during your registrations.

Ready to Get Started?

As mentioned earlier, this website is new, having said this, we expect that you may face some difficulties during your registration, should that happen then, we kindly ask you to send us an email informing us about the problem that you are facing, so that our developers will work on it. Also, if you prefer, you may send us your company details then we help you with registration and send you the login information. Forward your email to